I did it…(survived day one back after maternity leave)!

As promised a little update, after going back!

My LB survived!! (And so did I!!)

My LB still is not really interested in real food, he gets 3 x 1oz of formula (which he doesn’t really drink), but he was genuinely fine. I wasn’t mauled when we got in the door and he hadn’t spent the day in tears – I’ll take that and park the mummy guilt somewhere out the way for the time being!

Our arrangement is really nice, 1 day with MIL, 2 days in nursery, 1 day with me, 1 day with DH. I’m hoping this gives our LB the best of all things, mixing with other children and spending time with people he knows.

So, if you are struggling to wean your LO and have to return to work, figure out if pumping could work, be kind to yourself, know that these babies are tough cookies and try to enjoy the return to adult conversation! (And pack your makeup in your work bag….obviously!!)

How have you survived the return to work? What worked for you and your LO?




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