Travel with a 4 month old….

I don’t live locally to my mum and many of my good friends, this brings about a necessity to get in the car and drive fairly regularly. My journeys are normally anything from about 45 mins to 2.5 hours, so unfortunately our little boy really needs to be a good traveller.

So, last weekend I was visiting home to celebrate my birthday, my best friends baby shower and hopefully hopping over to the Forest of Dean to see my dad then home. Otis had very different ideas!!

We made the best plans, get Otis bathed, fed, asleep and in the car and do the 1.5 hour drive to my mums…we made it about 50 minutes before the screaming started!!! Not the greatest start to the weekend!

Friday – day off from any major travel (phew!)

Saturday – drive into Bath alone, Otis screamed the entire way and was a tiny sweaty mess when we arrived, then refused to go in the stroller! Drive home with a friend, continual screaming!!

After the disastrous experience so far, I cancelled the trip to the Forest of Dean I just couldn’t face any more screaming car journeys. I also decided that instead of driving home, I would take the train, so that I could feed/cuddle/snooze the journey away! This was a stroke of genius (plus my lovely husband would get 1.5 hours of peace!!)

So, dropped at the train station, had the sling and a change bag, what could go wrong….. just an entire carriage of drunk Harlequin rugby supporters!!! The whole train was rammed, surprisingly there were a few single seats left with the rugby crew, so I went for it. Having a baby in amongst a bunch of drunk men is brilliant, I was offered booze, there were many inappropriate funny songs, Otis was made a fuss of and the journey flew by!

So. sometimes what seems like a nightmare can turn out to be thoroughly memorable experience and it was without doubt, infinitely less stressful than having a screaming baby and just wanting the journey over!

Take some risks, and make your life easy, baby+train+easy!!



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