Why you should go to baby groups (even though staying at home feels easier!)

It has taken me some time to get into mummy and baby groups, but having started going regularly I have noticed some real benefits! Before I let you know why you should go, even if it’s just once a week, you should know that I am quite shy (although not everyone would know that!), I prefer my own company to the company of others and also love being at home.!! All of this does not add up to a mum who naturally seeks chances to get out of the house. But, here are my reasons why I get out regularly:

  1. Getting out, even for half an hour breaks up your day and the days can feel quite long on your own with a baby
  2. There are other mums who will have babies that same age and it is really reassuring to hear that their babies are going through the same as you! Particularly when you are struggling with sleep/feeding/anything!!!
  3. You get free tea/coffee and biscuits at most groups
  4. They are normally pretty cheap!
  5. At play groups you can give your baby the chance to play with things you don’t have and figure out what to buy – really useful as your babies’ skills and interests change so regularly
  6. You can learn things that you can do at home – this is definitely true of the baby sensory class I attend
  7. They are normally local enough to be able to walk to and even a little light exercise after you’ve had a baby will make you feel heaps more like yourself – plus its lovely for your baby to get to see lots of different places from the sling/bassinet
  8. Going regularly will help you develop friendships with other local mummies
  9. The people are nice
  10. Your house will start to feel pretty claustrophobic if you spend weeks on end in it!

Most of these reasons are for you rather than your baby….I think this is probably most people’s experience. Once your baby is a little older, I’m sure groups become equally valuable to them as well as you.

So get out there, meet some people, feel like a human being again!


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