“When are you going to….” Please stop asking me this question!

Short post today…but my goodness this is becoming a source of irritation.

For some reason, whatever your choices as a parent, someone will feel compelled to ask you this question.

There are a few things I am pretty determined on,  while raising our baby:

  • I will use cloth nappies whenever possible
  • I will breastfeed exclusively until 6 months
  • I will soothe my baby when he cries be it a cuddle or a boob
  • I won’t leave my baby to cry
  • I will bed share/co sleep if this feels like the simplest thing to do

For some reason though other people (some of whom haven’t had babies) have asked me when I will be “getting him onto formula”, “getting him into disposables”….etc.

For a first time mum I have a few helpful responses to these and other questions:

  • “I won’t”
  • “Because that’s what we do”
  • “there’s plenty of science to back it up” or “there’s no science to back that up”
  • “that’s our decision”

It really astonishes me that people think it’s OK to ask some questions, based on their opinions, or judge how we choose to parent. Carry on and judge what we do, but do it behind my back, like a normal person. I know I must sound abrupt/rude sometimes, but I really don’t care in this instance.

Remember whatever you do, if it feels best for your child it probably is. You never need to justify the decisions you have made.





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