What do you really need for a newborn?

It occurred to me as I started to clear out and pack away all of the 0-3  clothes (while weeping!) that most of them had probably only been used a handful of times. This is our first baby and so, while we had plenty of friends and family who have been there and done that, no-one mentioned how little you really need in the first few months.

To that end, and to help me if we are lucky enough to do it again, the things I really used and needed in the 0-3 month period (bearing in mind that I do one wash load a day and our little one was born in October):


6 x short-sleeved onesies
2 x long-sleeved onesies
2 x Sleep suits
Warm hat
Warm Gloves/mittens
1 or 2 “outfits” (something nice to put on occasionally when you feel like it)
Few pairs of socks
1 jumper


Bassinet/Moses basket/Side sleeping cot (we loved the Chicco Next to Me)
Baby nail clippers
Baby snot sucker (nose frida was an absolute godsend when our little boy was full of cold)
Washing up bowl (baby baths are too big!)
2 x Baby towels
Change mat (and table if you have space at it will save your knees and back)
Muslin squares (enough to have 2 in every room you spend time in and a couple for the change bag)
Baby carrier (we mostly used a close caboo for the first  few months and have moved onto an Ergobaby Classic from about 3.5 months onwards)
Red nightlight (so as not to expose babies to “blue light” but provides enough light to breast feed in the early days)
Baby sleeping bag (2 if you can afford in case of late night nappy blow outs)
Travel system/Car seat as a minimum
Car sun shades


Small rattle toy
Something small that lights up/changes colour
Texture/high contrast book
A few puppets

I personally can’t bear stuff everywhere and try to keep things simple (thanks to this wonderful documentary: Minimalism Film). I also really prefer the idea of giving our son plenty of fun experiences, rather than trying to fill every waking second with toys/entertainment. It’s easy to get over excited and fill every tiny drawer in the nursery with gorgeous things, but there really isn’t any need.

Do your bank balance a favour, make sure you have the essentials covered. When people ask what you need, be specific, don’t feel bad about gifting/selling things you get that aren’t all that useful, buy second-hand, accept hand me downs, borrow the expensive things if you can!

sarah x



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